The Fox Inn Broadwell Fox circular walk

Circular Walk 2

Setting off on a footpath alongside a stream after 150 yards or so, join a road and turn right. Then almost immediately turn left alongside Aston House and walk into a cul-de-sac. The road ends at a stony bridleway; join it and continue straight ahead. After 200 yards leave the track and turn right onto a path between the hedgerows. Go into a second field and follow the well-marked path alongside the hedgerow to emerge into a driveway. When the drive ends join a road and turn right.

Almost immediately leave the road and join a footpath on your left hand side. Go into the field and pass to the left of a large, old tree. Leave the field through a kissing gate and cross the next field, keeping the hedgerow on your right. The path leaves the field and joins a road. Turn right and follow the road back into Broadwell at the village green.