The Fox Inn Broadwell Walk

Circular Walk

Set off right from The Fox car park and turn left, taking the next footpath on your left, past Manor Farm to the local Church.

Turn right on the road then left at the road junction heading NW up to the Fosseway. Follow the road opposite to Donnington.

On reaching Donnington, turn right, then at the next sharp left turn, take the footpath to the right. A large house and grounds will be on your left.

Follow the footpath, over several fields, past woodland, with great views ahead to the outskirts of Longborough. Turning sharp left on a footpath near Banks Fee onto the Heart of England Way.

Now head South, after an uphill stretch through woods past a lake and a further field turn left at a junction of paths heading East.

Across two fields arriving at the monument to the Civil War Battle of Stow. Move East towards Donnington.

At the road, turn right, now heading South.

Stay on the road, heading out of the village, taking a path to the left and ahead still South. You will walk past farm buildings on your right and then need to left at a junction of paths.

Walk a short distance to re-cross the Fosseway onto a quiet road, towards Broadwell.

Head right at the junction via the churchyard to the village. Through the playing field and then back to The Fox where you are sure of a warm welcome.

Stow Monument